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About Us

Welcome to Accessories Matter, where style is our passion and accessories are our obsession! 💃✨

Established in 2016 and proudly opening our first storefront in 2017, Accessories Matter has been on a mission to bring you the latest in affordable apparel and the most unique accessories for women who know what they want. Despite facing some wild twists and turns – think natural disasters and economic ups and downs – we're still here, serving up fabulous fashion with a smile!

With three locations once dotting the map, we've weathered the storms and inflation to keep our doors open for you. Whether you prefer to browse in person or shop from the comfort of your own home, we've got you covered – you can still find us in-store and right here online!

Now, let's chat about why accessories matter (because, let's be real, they totally do!). Just like money, accessories add that extra spice to your outfit, turning heads and making a statement wherever you go. They're the secret ingredient to unlocking your unique style and expressing yourself without saying a word.

So why the comparison to money? Well, because they both matter, of course! Accessories and cash both have the power to make you feel like a million bucks – and who doesn't want that? 😉

But enough about that – let's talk about YOU, our fabulous customers! From day one, you've been the heart and soul of Accessories Matter, inspiring us to push boundaries, chase dreams, and grow against all odds. We couldn't do it without your unwavering support, and for that, we are forever grateful.

So whether you're a longtime fan or a brand-new accessory enthusiast, come join the fun at Accessories Matter – where we're all about creating every opportunity for you to shine brighter and bolder than ever before! 🌟💖


-Miss. Accessories Matter

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